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Biometric Fingerprint Scanner : Startek FM220U :- Image Capture Speed 1/15 Second Image Resolution 500 dpi (H), 500 dpi (V), 600 dpi (optional) Capture Area 15.44×17.475 (in mm) (HxV) Plate Area 16.5×19 (in mm) (HxV) Scanner Output Image Size 264 * 324 pixels or 304 * 344 (optional) (HxV) Gray Level 8 bit/pixel, max 256 grayscale Image Ratio of Length to Width Scanner 1:1 Interface Cable Standard USB cable Power Supply 1 Watt approx. (From USB port) (Approx. 100 mA, standby: 40mA) Minimum Hardware requirement P3800 Mhz CPU or UP, 256MB, USB 2.0 Dimension 80mm(L) x 41mm(M)x40mm(H) Weight 100g (approx) Distortion <1% Meeting PIV specifications Temperature -5O~45°C, 15 KV Estimated MTBF >100, 000 operation hours Modulation Transfer Function 0.4 at 10 cycle/mm Scanning Light source Ultra-red (940mm), capable of supporting more than 600 dpi Live Scan Capability Live Skin Sensing (with ultra-red scanning beneath skin, optional) API (ISO19794-2/ISO19794-4 and FIPS 201* Compliant, Minex certified) Image Capture, Enrolment / Template Extraction & Matcher Minutia Size <1K bytes Matching Speed <1 second False Rejection Rate (FRR) 1/100-1/30 False Acceptance Rate (FAR) 1/100, 000-1/1000, 000 Allowable Fingerprint Rotation 180° Allowable Fingerprint Displacement + 5mm Software Platform Windows 2000/2003/XP/Vista/7 (32 bits and 64 bit). Linux with kernel 2.6 (x86); WinCE5.0
  • 2018-05-12T11:10:56

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